With more than 15 years’ experience the HuntFunding we are able to provide the key links and support that enables business owners and managers to access a wide range of funders and business financing solutions, especially for those looking for growth funding alternatives to high street lenders.

As this is our core business and with numbers of corporate clients we are in continuous contact and strong commercial relationships with our investor community.

However, our investors pick only the very best opportunities put in front of them, and those opportunities must – I do repeat ‘must’ – be very well presented.

If they are not well presented, they will simply be passed over. Our investors are presented with tens of opportunities on a weekly basis, and our task is to ensure that your project will be perceived as attractive and ideally, exceptional.

For a project to go forward to our investor community, we need to see or create, an Executive Summary backed up by a substantial and structured business plan. This business plan would normally be between fifty to one hundred pages in length, with a set of detailed financial schedules. The full business plan should also include a SWOT analysis, as well as detailed CV’s/Bios for the senior executive and operational personnel. These Bio’s should highlight sector experience and successes. If the business is trading also highlight business successes and achievements.

Investors need to understand the risk and what the potential rewards are from investing in your project or company.

We must stress that we only present proposals to our investment groups when they are fully investor ready.

The first step we take is to review your business and requirements. This is a Free Service, it enables us to provide an opinion on whether we feel you have an attractive funding proposition for our investor community, and whether we will be able to assist.





Funding Options

We do have an extensive bank of investor groups ranging from Family Offices (these are wealthy individuals or families who invest in companies) to business Angels, in addition, we are able to present your project or company to a wide range of funders, a few of which are listed below.

We have a community of business angels keen to look at innovative and compelling early-stage investment opportunities for an equity position.

Crowd Funding
We partner with leading crowdfunding organisations. This ensures our clients maximise their funding round potential. Raises can range for tens of thousands to multi-million sterling pounds.

Equity and Debt Finance
We have a community of regulated funders and partners, dependent on your specific project requirements and structure. Our Partners have dealing relations with hundreds of institutional investors.

Bridging Finance
Our Partners are able to provide support to business whether they need a considerable sum to take advantage of a critical growth opportunity, or simply need an influx of capital to bridge gaps in cash flow due to a slow season. They understand bridging funds are required swiftly and so can assist within a short time frame.

Commercial Mortgages
We link businesses wishing to acquire commercial real estate with lenders. Equally, we can assist as and when there is a need to re-mortgage or alternatively move real estate assets off the balance sheet in a process of restructuring.

Alternative and Creative Funding Solutions
Our Partners provide finance from just a few thousand to half a million pounds sterling to small businesses across many sectors, with a great track record of success. They offer a range of innovative solutions, a number of which are unsecured.


Track Record

2001 -2015

Combined raises of £28.4 million plus M&A valued at £8.3million. Sectors included: Online Retailing, IT Software and Solutions, Travel & Leisure


HuntFunding formally launched raising £2.6million.


First full year of HuntFunding raising £3.4million sectors include Office Design and Build, IT and SaaS


Clients include Aviation, Software and Solution, Travel, Leisure, Disruptive Technology. Raising over £150million





Support Services

Our team of business professionals is on hand to work with you, and your professional advisers, for the preparation of detailed investment planning, registrations of both Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). Plus, the creation of the associated presentation materials and any required marketing and PR support necessary to ensure a successful raise.

When successful, you may need other support following the raise, this we can help you with including cross-border market development and franchising and licensing. This can be provided by our dedicated marketing and business development service team at our sister company HuntRevenue.


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Download Our Funding Application



Fee Structure

We charge fees because, our work is valuable, and our process adds value. There is a cost to us in preparing and stress testing documents, and we need to cover those costs on an ongoing basis. We, therefore, charge a retainer, the size of which is dependent on the amount of work required and on the quality of information readily available from the applicant.

Raising capital takes time and cannot and should not be viewed as a hit-and-run affair – we are there with you for the complete journey and beyond. 

Subsequently, we charge a success fee. This is payable only at the time of a successful drawdown of funds. Our fixed success fee is dependent on the size of the successful raise and range between 4% and 1%.


Click here to download the HuntFunding Application Form



Moving Forward

If our terms are agreeable to you, we can arrange an initial call and then a potential meeting to discuss the scope of the work to be done and finalise the fee structure.

Please note that we are unable to operate on a success fee only basis and cannot entertain any such proposals.


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